Showtime Kills Kennedy Movie

by Cape Cod Today on January 17, 2011

Money talks, history walks

Showtime announced on Sunday that it will not air The Kennedys, a dramatic retelling of the Camelot myth.

Showtime Won’t Air ‘Kennedys’ Miniseries Either

The History Channel had also passed up the opportunity to be the one to air this special.

Greg Kinnear as JFK, Katie Holmes as Jackie O, Tom Wilkinson as Papa Joe, and something spelled very much like Chris Diamatopoulous as Sinatra. I’m not sure who was playing me.

I’m told that the movie went totally over the top. When something came up in history to make JFK look not-that-bad, they altered it to make JFK seem in-over-his-head and corrupt.

An entire website was set up to combat this film, and powerful figures like Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy spoke out to rally support against it.

Here’s the website- Stop Kennedy Smears | Brave New Films

We agree with Showtime’s decision, and feel that the Kennedy story should be treated with the utmost respect and historical accuracy. We also feel that people like the deviant Kinnear and the Scientologist loony Holmes should probably check their own back yards before foisting this piece of ship onto us.

Now, somebody get me some goddamned Chivas/rocks!